FR-V520-xx Mitsubishi Inverter Datasheet

Part Number FR-V520-xx
Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Description INVERTER MODEL FR-V500 www.DataSheet4U.com Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Nagoya Works is a factory certified for ISO14001 (standards for environmental management systems) and ISO9001(standards for quality assurance managememt systems) www.DataSheet4U.com Loaded with new technology! Adaptive f...
Features ng machines, printing machines (tension control) and steel lines (helper control using speed-torque). CONTENTS Model Configuration Explanation of operation panel Explanation of parameter unit Inverter setup software List of parameters Explanation of parameters 4 14 15 15 16 19 Connection example 20 Protective Functions 22, 23 Selection of peripheral devices and options 23 List of options 25 Explanation of standalone options 26 Precautions for use and selection 31 Simple gain tuning Rotation speed (r/min) The motor's load inertia is estimated online, and the speed control gain and positio...

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FR-V520-xx Similar Datasheet

Part Number Description
Variable Frequency Drives
V500 Series VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES 1 ā€“ 400 HP www.DataSheet4U.com The Reliable ā€œVā€ Combining High Performance with Ease-of-Use! Loaded with New Technology! Adaptive Flux Observer Motor flux is continuously updated using the motor current and the inverter output voltage. The motor flux is calculated at high precision, improving torque accuracy. Torque fluctuation caused by changes in the motor temperature is reduced by using online tuning with the adaptive flux observer, high torque accuracy is realized regardless of changes in the motor temperature (Vector control with encoder). www.DataSheet4U.com Improved torque accuracy makes this product suitable for torque controlled applications ...

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