TA1218ANG Toshiba Semiconductor Audio/Video Switching IC Datasheet

Toshiba Semiconductor
Part Number TA1218ANG
Manufacturer Toshiba (https://www.toshiba.com/) Semiconductor
Description Pin No. Name Function This pin is for output a sub-channel left audio signal. The signals fed into the chip via LinV1, LinV2, LinS1, LinS2, or LinTV is output from this pin. The output resistance of this pin is 45 Ω. Lout2 Furthermore, the signal output from this pin is pulse-converted for use in se...

• I2C bus control Video : 5-channel inputs and 2-channel outputs (2 channels conforming to S system) Audio : 5-channel inputs and 3-channel outputs Self-diagnostic function ADC inputs based on European 21-pin standards ADC inputs based on S1/S2 terminal standards Switchable subaddress 1 2005-11-15 TA1218ANG Block Diagram Det Select Det in VCC GND −6dB VinV1 VinV2 VinTV 10 28 7 12 16 38 Vout1 4 3 33 23 VCC GND Y/VinS1 Y/VinS2 ) 42 36 Vout2 Yout Yin www.DataSheet4U.com + S CinS1 CinS2 14 18 S Mute Sync separator Sync out 26 Pulse converter I C bus 2 30 + 34 32 Cout Cin ...

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