LM100SS1T523 Sharp LCD Module Datasheet

Part Number LM100SS1T523
Manufacturer Sharp
Description w w w .D t a S a e h t e . U 4 m o c w w w .D a t a e h S 4 t e U m o .c RECORDS OF REVISION DOC. FIRST ISSUE JUN.6.2000 CHECK AND APPROVAL DATE REF.PAGE PARAGRAPH DRAWING No. REVISED No. SUMMARY SPEC No. MODEL No. PAGE LC00601 LM100SS1T523 1 Precautions 1) Industrial...
Features ist or bend. 3) Since the front polarizer is easily damaged. Please pay attention not to scratch on its face. It is recommended to use a transparent acrylic resin board or other type of protective panel on the surface of the LCD module to protect the polarizer, LCD panel, etc.. 4) If the surface of the LCD panel is required to be cleaned, wipe it swiftly with cotton or other soft cloth. If it is not still clear completely, blow on and wipe it. 5) Water droplets, etc. must be wiped off immediately since they may cause color changes, staining, etc., if it remained for a long time. 6) Since LCD i...

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Part Number Description
LCD Module
SPEC No. LC00307 MODEL No. LM100SS1T522 PAGE 1 Precautions 1) Industrial(Mechanical) design of the product in which this LCD module will be incorporated must be made so that the viewing angle characteristics of the LCD may be optimized. This module’s viewing angle is illustrated in Fig.1.  y MIN. < viewing angle < y MAX.  (For the specific values of y MIN., and y MAX., refer to the table ) Please consider the optimum viewing conditions according to the purpose when installing the module. Viewing direction + y  .y=0 (Normal line)  y Panel surface Fig.1 Definition of viewing angle 2) This module should be installed using mounting holes of metal bezel. When installing the m...

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