DG-2630 ETC Digital Audio Signal Generator Datasheet

Part Number DG-2630
Manufacturer ETC
Description DIGITAL AUDIO SIGNAL GENERATOR Digital Audio Signal Generator DG-2630 OUTLINE DG-2630 generates the test signal by the IEC61937 (with MPEG-2 AAC) and IEC60958 (with PCM) digital audio interface format and measures the characteristic of the equipment which processes the digital signal. The sampling ...
Features MPEG-2 AAC and PCM Pre-set test patterns of MPEG-2 AAC and PCM are generated by digital. Test patterns of MPEG-2 AAC is fixed. PCM can be rewritten by using RS-232C. BS digital broadcasting standard The MPEG-2 AAC signal comply with the BS digital broadcasting standard in Japan. Manual operation Emphasis bit and copy bit of C-bit, validity flag and L/R-MUTE in digital audio inter face formatting can be manually changed regardless of the test pattern. However, L/R-MUTE is changeable at PCM MODE only. RS-232C OPTION 206 DIGITAL AUDIO SIGNAL GENERATOR DG-2630 SPECIFICATIONS Memory backup The...

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