TDA10046HT Philips Single-Chip DVB-T Channel Decoder Datasheet

Part Number TDA10046HT
Manufacturer Philips
Description TDA10046HT Delivering a low cost system solution for DVB-T channel decoding, the TDA10046HT single chip channel decoder demonstrates Philips Semiconductors’ continuing leadership in digital broadcast reception, offering advanced features such as adaptive echo cancellation, fast channel scanning and ...
Features such as adaptive echo cancellation, fast channel scanning and a unique ‘Pulse Killer’ algorithm that reduces impulsive noise disturbances. Single-chip DVB-T channel decoder Semiconductors The TDA10046HT performs all DVB-T channel decoding functions from IF input to transport stream output, using an internal DSP core for synchronization and control.Thanks to its sharp adjacent channel digital ilter, this single-chip receiver achieves excellent performance with low cost tuners (one SAW only). It requires only a low cost crystal oscillator (4 MHz) as a clock source, which can be shared with the...

Document Datasheet TDA10046HT datasheet pdf (604.28KB)

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