MAXQ2000 Maxim Low-Power LCD Microcontroller Datasheet

MAXQ2000-RBX+ Low-Power LCD Microcontroller

Part Number MAXQ2000
Manufacturer Maxim
Description The MAXQ2000 microcontroller is a low-power, 16-bit device that incorporates a liquid-crystal display (LCD) interface that can drive up to 100 (-RBX) or 132 (-RAX) segments. The MAXQ2000 is uniquely suited for the blood-glucose monitoring market, but can be used in any application that requires high...
Features ♦ High-Performance, Low-Power, 16-Bit RISC Core DC to 20MHz Operation, Approaching 1MIPS per MHz Dual 1.8V Core/3V I/O Enables Low Power/Flexible Interfacing 33 Instructions, Most Single Cycle Three Independent Data Pointers Accelerate Data Movement with Automatic Increment/Decrement 16-Level Hardware Stack 16-Bit Instruction Word, 16-Bit Data Bus 16 x 16-Bit, General-Purpose Working Registers Optimized for C-Complier (High-Speed/Density Code) ♦ Program and Data Memory 32kWords Flash Memory, Mask ROM for HighVolume Applications 10,000 Flash Write/Erase Cycles 1kWord of Internal Data RAM JTAG/S...

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