LA70011M Sanyo Recording/Playback Amplifier Datasheet

Part Number LA70011M
Manufacturer Sanyo
Description Pin Number Pin Name Standard DC Voltage (V) Equivalent Circuit Notes Trick1 3.0 V 1 TRICK-H NORMAL 1.0 V Trick2 PB H: min. 4.5 V L: max. 0.7 V 2 COMP-OUT EP > SP ENV High REC Open EP 3 HA (EP/SP) SP 1.0 V Hch 4 SW30 Lch 1.0 V SYNC H 5 H-SYNC L 1.5 V Continued on next page. No. 5710-4/1...
• Connecting the playback amplifier input directly to the head reduces the number of external elements required.
• The recording amplifiers use a fixed-current drive configuration that yields stable recording characteristics even under changing loads. They include built-in automatic gain control circuits.
• Using the same dimensions and pin assignments as the LA70001 and LA70001M permits the use of the same circuit boards as these earlier chips. The LA70011 can also be mounted at the right end of an LA70020 socket. SANYO: DIP24S unit: mm 3112-MFP24S [LA70011M] Specifications Maximum Ratings...

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Recording/Playback Amplifier

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