W29EE512 Winbond 64K x 8 CMOS FLASH MEMORY Datasheet

Part Number W29EE512
Manufacturer Winbond
Description The W29EE512 is a 512K bit, 5-volt only CMOS flash memory organized as 64K × 8 bits. The device can be programmed and erased in-system with a standard 5V power supply. A 12-volt VPP is not required. The unique cell architecture of the W29EE512 results in fast program/erase operations with extremely ...
• Single 5-volt program and erase operations
• Fast page-write operations − 128 bytes per page − Page program cycle: 10 mS (max.) − Effective byte-program cycle time: 39 µS − Optional software-protected data write
• Fast chip-erase operation: 50 mS
• Read access time: 70/90/120 nS
• Typical page program/erase cycles: 1K/10K
• Ten-year data retention
• Software and hardware data protection
• Low power consumption − Active current: 50 mA ...

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