IMP38C4X IMP Inc BiCMOS Current-Mode PWM Controllers Datasheet

IMP  Inc
Part Number IMP38C4X
Manufacturer IMP Inc
Description Pin Number 8-Pin Package 1 2 3 4 14-Pin Package 1 3 5 7 Name COMP FB ISNS RT/CT Function Output of the Error amplifier and input to the PWM comparator. Inverting input of the Error Amplifier. Current sense comparator input. It is internally limited to 1V. Oscillator RC timing component connectio...
Features N N N N N N N N N N N 384x Series Pinout with BiCMOS Technology Zero Cross-Conduction Current by Design 1MHz Operation 65ns Maximum Current-Sense Delay 120µA Maximum Start-Up Current 1.5mA Maximum Operating Current High Output Current Drive
  – 1.0A, IMP38HC4x
  – 0.5A, IMP38C4x 20V Maximum Supply Voltage 2.5V, 1%, Trimmed Error Amplifier Reference Trimmed Oscillator Discharge Current Pin-for-Pin Enhanced Replacements for Micrel MIC38C/HC4x and GMT38C4x/HC4x
  – 1MHz Operation
  – No Cross-Conduction Current
  – 50ns Current-Sense Delay The IMP38C4x and IMP38HC4x are fixed frequency, high performance,...

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