MIC8030 Micrel Semiconductor High-Voltage Display Driver Datasheet

Micrel Semiconductor
Part Number MIC8030
Manufacturer Micrel Semiconductor
Description The MIC8030 is a CMOS high voltage liquid crystal display driver. Up to 38 segments can be driven from four CMOS level inputs (CLOCK, DATA IN, LOAD and CHIP SELECT). The MIC8030 is rated at 50V. Data is loaded serially into a shift register, and transferred to latches which hold the data until new d...
• High Voltage Outputs capable of a driving up to 100 volt outputs from 5 to 15 volt logic
• Drives 30, 32, or 38 segments
• Cascadable
• On chip Oscillator or External Backplane Input
• CMOS construction for wide supply range and low power consumption
• Schmitt Triggers on all inputs
• CMOS, PMOS, and NMOS compatible Applications

• Dichroic and Standard Liquid Crystal Displays Flat Panel Displays Print Head Drives Vacuum Fluorescent Displays Functional Diagram Data S Data Out 38 Data Out 32 CS S Data Out 30 Ordering Information Part Number MIC8030-01CV 38 Bit Static Shift Register T...

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