SMA6863MH Sanken High Voltage 3-phase Motor Driver Datasheet

Part Number SMA6863MH
Manufacturer Sanken (https://www.sanken-ele.co.jp/)
Description The SLA6870MH and the SMA/SLA6860MH series are high voltage 3-phase motor drivers in which transistors, pre-drive circuits, and bootstrap circuits (diodes and resistors) are highly integrated. Selectable ZIP24 packages (fully-molded or heatsink type) with various leadforms enable excellent mountabil...
● Built-in Bootstrap Diodes with Current Limiting Resistors (210 Ω)
● CMOS-compatible Input (5 V)
● Shutdown Function
● Bare Lead Frame: Pb-free (RoHS Compliant)
● Protections Include: Undervoltage Lockout for Power Supply VBx Pin (UVLO_VB): Auto-restart VCC1 Pin (UVLO_VCC1): Auto-restart VCC2 Pin (UVLO_VCC2): Auto-restart Overcurrent Limit (OCL) Overcurrent Protection (OCP): Auto-restart with Adjustable OCP Hold Time Thermal Shutdown (TSD): Auto-restart Typical Application Controller VCC VCC1 4 HIN3 HIN2 HIN1 5V RCL CCL COM1 6 HIN3 7 HIN2 8 HIN1 9 High-side MIC SD1 5 LIN3 LIN2 LIN1 ...

Document Datasheet SMA6863MH datasheet pdf (1.20MB)

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SMA6863MH Similar Datasheet

Part Number Description
High Voltage 3-Phase Motor Drivers
▪ Built-in pre-drive IC ▪ MOSFET power element ▪ Alleviate noise generation by adjusting an internal resistor ▪ CMOS compatible input (5 V) ▪ High-side gate driver using bootstrap circuit or floating power supply ▪ Built-in protection circuit for controlling power supply voltage drop (UVLO on VB and VCC) ▪ Overcurrent protection (OCP), overcurrent limiting (OCL), and thermal shutdown (TSD) ▪ Output of fault signal during operation of protection circuit ▪ Output current 1.5, 2, or 2.5 A The SMA6860MZ inverter power module (IPM) series provides a robust, highly-integrated solution for optimally controlling 3-phase motor power inverter systems and variable speed control systems used in energy...

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