TL75LP48Y Texas Instruments Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Datasheet

Texas Instruments
Part Number TL75LP48Y
Manufacturer Texas Instruments (https://www.ti.com/)
Description The TL75LPxxQ devices are low-dropout voltage regulators specifically targeted for use in portable applications. These devices generate fixed output voltages at loads of up to 300 mA with only 400-mV dropout over the full temperature range. TL75LPxxQ SERIES TL75LPxxY SERIES LOWĆDROPOUT VOLTAGE REGU...
Features a TTL/CMOS-compatible enable terminal, which can be used to switch the device into standby mode. This feature reduces power consumption when the instrument is not VBAT 0.1 µF INPUT OUTPUT TL75LPxxQ GND/ ENABLE HEAT SINK VO ± 2% at 300 mA CO = 10 µF active. Less that 150 µA is required when the unit is disabled. A concern in many new designs is conservation of board space and overall reduction in equipment 2V DISABLE ENABLE size. The thin shrink small-outline package (TSSOP) minimizes board area and reduces component height. This package has a maximum height of less than 1.1 mm (com...

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