LM240120HFW TOPWAY LCD Module User Manual Datasheet

Part Number LM240120HFW
Manufacturer TOPWAY
Description Preliminary release Update 1.4 Terminal Functions URL: www.topwaydisplay.com www.topwaysz.com Release Date 2013-01-03 2019-06-18 Document Name: LM240120HFW-Manual-Rev0.2.DOC Page: 1 of 10 TOPWAY Table of Content LCD Module User Manual LM240120HFW 1. Basic Specifications........
Features .... 3 1.4 Terminal Functions..... 4 2. Absolute Maximum Ratings 5 3. Electrical Characteristics .... 5 3.1 DC Characteristics ......

Document Datasheet LM240120HFW datasheet pdf (643.66KB)

LM240120HFW Distributor

LM240120HFW Similar Datasheet

Part Number Description
Character LCD
1 VSS 2 VDD 3 DB7 :: 10 DB0 11 /RD 12 /WR 13 D/C 14 /RST 15 CS 16 BLA Negative power supply,0V Positive power supply 8-bit Data bus; Three state I/O terminal for display data or instruction data when /CS=H, DB0~DB7=High Impedance /WR=H, /RD=L; Data or Status read from the LCM /WR=L→H, /RD=H; Data or Instruction latch into the LCM Register Select D/C = H, Transferring the Display Data D/C = L, Transferring the Control Data Reset signal /RST = L, Initialization is executed /RST = H, Normal running. Chip Select CS=H, enable access to the LCM CS=L, disable access to the LCM Positive power for LED backlight TEMPERATURE CHARACTERISTICS Item Symbol Min Max Operating Temperature (C) TOP -30 ...

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