B58031I5105M002 TDK CeraLink Capacitors Datasheet

Part Number B58031I5105M002
Manufacturer TDK
Description CeraLink Capacitors Series/Type: B58031 The following products presented in this data sheet are being withdrawn. Ordering Code B58031U5105M002 B58031I7504M002 B58031I5105M002 Substitute Product B58031U5105M062 B58031I7504M062 B58031I5105M062 Date of Withdrawal 2016-11-18 2016-11-18 2016-11-18 D...
• High ripple current capability
• High temperature robustness
• Low equivalent serial inductance (ESL)
• Low equivalent serial resistance (ESR)
• Low power loss
• Low dielectric absorption
• Optimized for high frequencies up to several MHz
• Increasing capacitance with DC bias up to operating voltage
• High capacitance density
• Minimized dielectric loss at high temperatures
• High reliability
• Qualification based on AEC-Q200 rev. D
• Suitable for reflow soldering only Construction
• RoHS-compatible PLZT ceramic (lead lanthanum zirconium titanate)
• Copper inner electrodes
• Silver outer ele...

Document Datasheet B58031I5105M002 datasheet pdf (955.96KB)

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