74LVC1G57-Q100 nexperia Low-power configurable multiple function gate Datasheet

Part Number 74LVC1G57-Q100
Manufacturer nexperia (https://www.nexperia.com/)
Description The 74LVC1G57-Q100 is a configurable multiple function gate with Schmitt-trigger inputs. The device can be configured as any of the following logic functions AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XNOR, inverter and buffer; using the 3-bit input. All inputs can be connected directly to VCC or GND. Inputs can be driven...
Features and benefits
• Automotive product qualification in accordance with AEC-Q100 (Grade 1)
• Specified from -40 °C to +85 °C and from -40 °C to +125 °C
• Wide supply voltage range from 1.65 V to 5.5 V
• Overvoltage tolerant inputs to 5.5 V
• High noise immunity
• ±24 mA output drive (VCC = 3.0 V)
• CMOS low power dissipation
• Latch-up performance exceeds 250 mA
• Direct interface with TTL levels
• IOFF circuitry provides partial Power-down mode operation
• Complies with JEDEC standard:
• JESD8-7 (1.65 V to 1.95 V)
• JESD8-5 (2.3 V to 2.7 V)
• JESD8B/JESD36 (2.7 V to 3.6 V).
• ESD protection:
• MIL...

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