AL1201 ETC stereo DAC Datasheet

SSAL120100 Slide Switches Left-side recoil

Part Number AL1201
Manufacturer ETC
Description The AL1201 stereo DAC is a high performance 24-bit digital to analog audio converter. Dynamic range is 107dB (Aweighted). The sensible pinout and easy user interface are unprecedented. The part contains an internal high quality phaselocked loop that eliminates the need for external high frequency cl...
Features G G G G G G G G G G G G G 24 bit conversion 107dB dynamic range (A-wt) .003% THD at full scale output linear phase analog outputs 128x over sampling, 5th order 1 bit ∆-Σ modulator 2nd order switched cap filter and 2nd order continuous-time filter on chip sample rate variable 24kHz-55kHz selectable deemphasis (15us/50µs at Fs=44.1kHz) total power consumption 170mW (Fs=48kHz) internal PLL derives all necessary timing signals from external Fs clock serial input bit-rate, selectable 32/24 bits/frame full scale differential output = +/-4V ([OUT+]-[OUT-]) 5V operation OUTLOUTL+ AGND REF+ REFVD DI...

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