2SA-10 SENTRON Integrated 2-Axis Hall Sensor Datasheet

2SA1036KT146Q TRANSISTOR, PNP, -32V, -0.5A, SOT-346

Part Number 2SA-10
Manufacturer SENTRON
Description Sentron’s new magnetic angular sensor 2SA-10 detects the absolute angular position of a small magnet that is positioned above the device surface. The 2SA-10 is an integrated combination of a CMOS Hall circuit and a thin ferromagnetic disk. The CMOS circuit contains two pairs of Hall-elements for eac...
• Measures two components of a magnetic field at the same spot.
• Excellent matching of sensitivity along the two axes.
• Max. angle error from
  –40°C ..+125°C: < 1°
• Very high sensitivity
• Low quiescent current
• Fabricated in standard CMOS technology
• Very low hysteresis
• Surface mount SOIC-8 package Applications
• 2-D position sensing
• Contactless potentiometer
• Angular position sensor for micro motors
• Miniaturized contactless encoder
• Contactless rotary switch
• 2-D magnetic field mapping
• Joystick General Description Sentron’s new magnetic angular sensor 2SA-10 detects the abso...

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