MP2405K3TE0 ETC Safety Standard Capacitor Datasheet

Part Number MP2405K3TE0
Manufacturer ETC
Description MPX/MKP Class X2 - MPX Safety Standard Capacitor(X2) MPX/MKP Class X2 MPX Safety Standard Capacitor(X2) sReference Standard UL1414 (EN132400) GB/T14472-1998 (IEC384-14) sStructures Material: Polypropylene film Electrode: Metallized Vacuum Evaporated Layer (With complexing jumbo-size Zinc and Aluminu...
Features Small Size with good self-healing effect. Have strong moisture resistance and well proof voltage. s Security Certifications Authentication Mark Profile No. E246678 UL1414 E314875 UL1283 40008924 CQC06001018191 SU03022-6001A SU03002-6002A SU03022-6003A SU03022-7001 SU03022-7002 CH-04-IK-0192.ZA1.A 402702 312760-01 http://www.sr-cap.com/diyhp/32558/xml/mpx-eng.html (1 of 8)30/5/2552 13:58:56 sOutline Drawing Pitch mm 10 15 22.5 27.5 31.5 41.5 The Dia...

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