MGF1601B-01 Mitsubishi High-power GaAs FET Datasheet

Part Number MGF1601B-01
Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Description The MGF1601B-01, medium-power GaAs FET with an N-channel Schottky gate, is designed for use in S to X band amplifiers and oscillators. The hermetically sealed metalceramic package assures minimum parasitic lasses, and has a configuration suitable for microstrip circuits. FEATURES  High linear powe...
 High linear power gain Glp=8.0dB @f=8GHz
 High P1dB P1dB=21.8dBm(TYP.) @f=8GHz APPLICATION
 S to X Band medium-power amplifiers and oscillators QUALITY
 VDS=6V,Id=100mA Refer to Bias Procedure Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25C) Symbol Parameter Ratings VGDO VGSO ID IGR IGF PT Tch Tstg Gate to drain breakdown voltage Gate to source breakdown voltage Drain current Reverse gate current Forward gate current Total power dissipation Cannel temperature Storage temperature -8 -8 250 -0.6 1.5 1.2 175 -65 to +175 Unit V V mA mA mA W C C Keep Safety firs...

Document Datasheet MGF1601B-01 datasheet pdf (322.56KB)

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