XR77103-A1R0 EXAR Universal PMIC 3-Output Buck Regulator Datasheet

Part Number XR77103-A1R0
Manufacturer EXAR
Description ...
Features ...

Document Datasheet XR77103-A1R0 datasheet pdf (1.12MB)

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Part Number Description
Universal PMIC 3-Output Buck Regulator
The XR77103-A1R0 universal PMIC features three 2A synchronous high-efficiency, buck regulators with integrated power switches. They can operate in 5V, 9V and 12V powered systems with minimal required external component thus providing the smallest size solution possible. Two of the outputs may be paralleled for output currents up to 5A peak with steady state current of up to 4A. The output voltage of each converter can be adjusted by external resistor divider down to voltage as low as 0.8V. With a nominal switching frequency of 1MHz, the regulators can also be synchronized to an external clock in applications where EMI control is critical. XR77103-A1R0 features a supervisor circuit that monit...

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