BD00GC0WEFJ Rohm 1A Secondary Variable Output LDO Regulators Datasheet

BD00GC0WEFJ-E2 LDO, ADJ, 1.5-13V, 1A, HTSOP-8

Part Number BD00GC0WEFJ
Manufacturer ROHM (https://www.rohm.com/)
Description BD00GC0WEFJ is a LDO regulator with output current 1.0A. The output accuracy is ±1% of output voltage. With external resistance, it is available to set the output voltage at random (from 1.5V to 13.0V) and also provides output voltage fixed type without external resistance. It is used for the wide a...
Features 1) Output current 1.0A 2) High accuracy reference voltage circuit 3) Built-in Over Current Protection circuit (OCP) 4) Built-in Thermal Shut Down circuit (TSD) 5) With shut down switch 6) Output voltage variable type (1.5V to 13.0V) 7) Package: HTSOP-J8
●Output voltage differential Line up Product name BD00GC0WEFJ Variable Package ○ HTSOP-J8 Product name : BD00GC0WEFJ abc d e Signal a b c d e Description Output voltage (V) 00 Variable Voltage resistance(V) E 24V H 10V F 20V I 7V G 15V Output current (A) A1 0.1A C0 1.0A A3 0.3A C5 1.5A A5 0.5A D0 2.0A Shutdown switch “W” Sh...

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