2SK2003-01M Inchange Semiconductor N-Channel MOSFET Transistor Datasheet

Inchange Semiconductor
Part Number 2SK2003-01M
Manufacturer Inchange Semiconductor
Description ·Drain Current –ID= 4A@ TC=25℃ ·Drain Source Voltage- : VDSS=600V(Min) ·Fast Switching Speed ·Minimum Lot-to-Lot variations for robust device performance and reliable operation APPLICATIONS ·Switching regulators ·UPS ·General purpose power amplifier ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(Ta=25℃) SYMBOL ARAMETER...
Features (BR)DSS Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage VGS= 0; ID=1mA 600 V VGS(th) Gate Threshold Voltage VDS= VGS; ID=1mA 2.5 3.5 V RDS(on) Drain-Source On-Resistance VGS= 10V; ID= 2A 2.0 2.4 Ω IGSS Gate-Body Leakage Current VGS= ±30V;VDS= 0 ±100 nA IDSS Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current VDS=600V; VGS= 0 500 µA Ciss Input capacitance 1000 1500 Crss Reverse transfer capacitance VDS=25V;VGS=0V;fT=1MHz 20 30 pF Coss Output capacitance 85 130 tr Rise time td(on) Turn-on delay time tf Fall time VGS=10V;ID=4A; VDD=300V; RL=10Ω 15 25 20 30 ns 15 25 td(off) Turn-off delay...

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Part Number Description
Fuji Electric
N-channel MOS-FET
2SK2003-01MR FAP-IIA Series > Features High Speed Switching Low On-Resistance No Secondary Breakdown Low Driving Power High Voltage VGS = ± 30V Guarantee Avalanche Proof N-channel MOS-FET 600V 2,4Ω 4A 40W > Outline Drawing > Applications Switching Regulators UPS DC-DC converters General Purpose Power Amplifier > Maximum Ratings and Characteristics - Absolute Maximum Ratings (TC=25°C), unless otherwise specified Item Drain-Source-Voltage Drain-Gate-Voltage(RGS=20KΩ) Continous Drain Current Pulsed Drain Current Gate-Source-Voltage Max. Power Dissipation Operating and Storage Temperature Range Symbol V DS V DGR ID I D(puls) V GS PD T ch T stg Rating 600 600 4 16 ±30 40 150 -55 ~ +150 Uni...

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